Finalists for 2009 Southwest Book Awards

PEN Texas has decided the short list of finalists for each category of the 2009 Southwest Book Awards. The winner of each category will receive a $500 prize. The winners will be announced at the PEN Texas awards banquet, 7:00 PM, November 12, at the Dallas restaurant Celebration (please visit for location information).


Nash Candelaria, A Daughter’s a Daughter (Bilingual Press / Editorial Bilingue)

David Stuart, Flight of Souls (University of New Mexico Press)

David Stuart, Angel of Vilcabamba (University of New Mexico Press)


James Hoggard, Triangles of Light (Wings Press)

Arthur Sze, The Ginko Light (Copper Canyon Press)

Nancy Wood, We Became As Mountains (Western Edge Press)


Rudolfo Anaya, The Essays (University of Oklahoma Press)

Stephanie Elizondo Griest, Mexican Enough (Simon & Schuster)

David Stuart, The Ancient Southwest (University of New Mexico Press)


Sean Cotter, Lightwall by Liliana Ursu (Zephyr Press)

James Hoggard, Ashes in Love by Oscar Hahn (Host Publications)


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