Call for Poems for Egypt

PEN Texas calls for poems inspired by the Egyptian revolution. Please join our letter to the writers of PEN Egypt, to demonstrate that the Egyptian people’s actions have our attention and respect. Send your poems through the “Contact” page.

Dr. Fred Turner has contributed the first poem:

The New Nile
Homage to the Egyptian Revolution

When Egypt fed the world with corn,
It sucked the breast-milk of the Nile;
The Pharaoh’s power, the Roman guile
Drank from that plenteous horn.

The new Nile is a Nile of light,
The world’s bright screens, the cellphone’s glow;
The fertile information-flow
Makes fires in the night.

The new Nile is a Nile of tears,
Of mourning for her children who,
Dying in giving, overthrew
The tyranny of years.

The new Nile flows with liberty,
For today tyrants everywhere
Shake in their boots with doubt and fear
They will be swept to sea.


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