Winners of Writers Over Sixty Contest

First Prize: Frameless Heads Nameless Walls, by F.J. Bradley
Second Prize: Signed, Sealed, and Delivered, by Bettye Givens
Third Prize: Not Yet, by Soledad Eugenio

First Prize: “Father-Son Talk: A Ghazal,” “Odysseus Sowing Salt,” and “Leaving the Lincoln Memorial,”
by James Hoggard
Second Prize: “Driven by a Hurricane,” “Exiled on the Shore,” and “Handmarks Remain in the Plaster,”
by Cynthia West
Third Prize: “I Have Sung My Soul Out,” “Mistaken Identity,” and “The Green Box,” by Del Cain

First Prize: “Blood River,” by Stephen Rada
Second Prize: “Life in Four Boxes,” by Vicki Williams
Third Prize: “Passed Perfect,” by Mark Spencer

First Prize: “Jumpseat Stories,” by Linda Bernal
Second Prize: “Romancing Valentino,” by Ginnie Bivona
Third Prize: “Inasmuch as Mikey No Longer Lives in Zen,” by Tom Dodge


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